Autostolz SiO2 Polymer Premium Car Wash with drying aid (500ml)

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Part Number: A2232H

Autostolz Premium Auto Wash: Superior Shine and Water Beading

Tired of car wash soaps that don’t deliver on shine and water beading? Autostolz Premium Auto Wash sets a new standard in car care. Our advanced formula minimizes foam to maximize shine and water beading. Engineered with SiO2 polymers and surfactants, it provides an unparalleled clean, leaving your car with an incredible shine and instant water beading. Ideal for all cars, especially black ones where every detail matters.

  • Minimal Foam, Maximum Shine: Low-foam formula ensures more effective water beading and a high-gloss finish.
  • Instant Water Beading: Rapid and instant water sheeting for faster drying and reduced water spots.
  • High Lubrication: Effective washing without scratching your car's surface.
    pH Neutral: Safe for all car surfaces, including ceramic and graphene coatings.
  • Adds High Shine and Gloss: Enhances your car’s appearance with a brilliant, long-lasting shine.

A highly complex blend of surfactants, SiO2 and special polymers to produce rapid and instant water sheeting and fast drying. Reduces water spots and maximises cleaning efficiency. High lubrication for effective washing without scratching. Long lasting thick foam. Adds protection and a high shine and gloss. Can be used in a foam cannon or bucket wash. PH neutral. Biodegradable. Does not streak, does not remove existing waxes and sealants. Reduces water spotting. Concentrated high performance soap. Gentle on surfaces. Safe on ceramic and graphene coated vehicles. Will not harm clearcoat, polished aluminium or chrome.

Shake bottle well. Add 30-90 ml per 18L bucket or 1L foam cannon (1-3 oz per 5-gallon bucket or standard 34oz foam cannon). Wash in straight lines with a soft wash mitt/pad. Allow the soap 5 mins to work before hosing off. Avoid letting the soap dry. Use on cool surfaces only, surface should not exceed 30⁰C (86⁰F). With all chemicals always do a small, subtle test spot first. Do not let freeze.

Note - Special Seal under lid to avoid leaks needs to be removed:

The bottle has a really good reusable seal inside the lid, we wish all products had this!  When you receive the bottle your lid will sit a bit higher, you need to unscrew the lid, and remove the seal then screw the pop top lid back on.  Its normally very easy but if its tricky use something flat to pry it off like a screw driver or butter knife.  It really works, we had some samples air freighted over and they were repacked by customs upside down, they arrived without any leaks!  (don't try that at home).  You can keep and re use the seal if you like.

 Autostolz manufacture this product in USA.